Our vision

Testing structural challenges are reshaping our world. The climate crisis is without any doubt the most threatening. We see the planet continuing to get dangerously hotter and know that no action will come at a very high cost, even threatening human life on earth. It also has clearly the potential to significantly affect all sectors of the economy as technological disruptions and regulatory interventions will result in stranded assets, new players entering the markets and others disappearing.

At the same time, we believe that these are also fascinating times. Rebooting our economy by making it climate neutral and circular can also create new opportunities, trigger innovation, entrepreneurship and technological revolutions. It could also increase the quality of life in our neighbourhoods and address inequality issues altogether. Achieving a more sustainable world, however, will require far-reaching societal change, engaging all actors of the society. Our aim is to contribute to that change.  

We work with businesses, policymakers at all levels, civil society and networking organisationsthat aspire to create a lasting impact and want to achieve a more sustainable world by rethinking business models and making policies futureproof. 

Our method is to exchange views and listen carefully to understand your needs and ambitions. We will give you insights on how Green Deal policies at different levels may impact your organisation and about sustainability risks and opportunities. We co-create a trajectory during which you will learn more about scenarios on the way forward, with workshops, coaching sessions and specific reports where relevant. We may want to challenge you to think out-of-the-box and dare to go one step further and become a sustainability champion. 

We are a brand new start-up and may not necessarily have all the knowledge on the wide range of sustainability issues available in-house.  That’s why we are building gradually a network of likeminded experts and we are partnering up with experienced organisations to provide you with the most adequate support.

Saïd El Khadraoui

Saïd El Khadraoui

Saïd El Khadraouiis the Founder of Impact Lab and a former Member of the European Parliament and former sustainability adviser at the European Political Strategy Centre, the European Commission’s in-house think tank. 

He has acquired extensive knowledge and policy experience in a large number of areas that are now at the very core of the European Green Dealsuch as transport and mobility, and its links with other systems such as energy and food, as well as circular economy and sustainable finance, and sustainable development more generally. As a former deputy mayor of and city councillor of Leuven, he has also gained substantial expertise at local level.
  • He holds a degree from KULeuven in contemporary history and in international relations, and obtained in 2018 an Executive MBA degree at the Vlerick Business School.
  • He is a Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, tbc November 2020) and received certificates on Design Thinking and Creativity for Business (Insead, September 2020) and on Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (Stanford University, October 2020).
  • He is currently also a Fellow at the KULeuven Public Governance Institute and a Special Adviser to the Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) on the European Green Deal.
  • Saïd is co-founder and Member of the Board of Den Hoorn NV, a multi-functional omni-use complex in Leuven with co-working and living space, as well as event facilities and meeting rooms and a restaurant and bar
  • Since January 2019, he is the Chairman of the Board of STUK art centre, House for Dance, Image and Sound.
To clear his mind, Saïd enjoys running and reading historic novels and biographies.

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